Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil retraces the cultural memory of Ibrahim and his family in the lands where the trail passes through. and it celebrates their story of hospitality and kindness to travelers walking through the path. Thus, the idea behind the Masar is more cultural and community based than religious based, however, it encompasses many spiritual aspects taking into consideration the many ancient archeological and historical places that have a spiritual nature.

Community-based tourism aims at benefiting the local community in general and the fragile rural comminutes in particular through inviting tourists to visit these communities. They could walk and hike in small groups in rural Palestine and have the opportunity to discover unspoiled nature, history, cultural heritage, cuisine, and to develop lasting friendships with local Palestinians by experiencing the taste of the culture’s diversity, and having the privilege of using or overnight in the communities’ accommodations.

The Masar is appropriate for different ages and various levels of experience from beginners to experienced hikers. Depending on the stage, walks are rated as easy, moderate or difficult in terms of both trail difficulty and physical challenge. Information about each walk is listed on the website and can also be obtained by contacting us for more detailed guidance in choosing the most suitable hike for you.

• The Masar Ibrahim Trail is a long-distance community-based walking trail across the West Bank.
• Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil organization (MIAK) is a non-governmental organization that aims to help local communities and partners to develop the path across the region.

• The Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil promotes a prosperous rural Palestine, where cultural diversity, tradition, and human values are honored and environmental awareness is raised.

• The mission of the Masar Ibrahim al Khalil is to empower local communities socially and economically through a cultural walking route that traverses rural Palestine, and that highlights the history, heritage, biodiversity, and landscape of this area.

• The Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil encourages exchange and friendship that connects travelers from Palestine and from around the world. It also creates partnerships across all sectors of society and facilitates cooperation between individuals and communities.

The organization promotes cultural diversity, tradition, human values and environmental awareness.
Partners and communities are actively involved in all levels of the development of the Masar in Palestine, ranging from strategic decision making to the implementation of various hospitality and tourism services, the delineation of the route and the hosting travelers. This approach ensures local ownership and consistency with the Masar’s values.

1. To put the spirit of friendship and hospitality exemplified by Ibrahim at the heart of all our efforts
2. To develop the Masar in partnership with the communities who live along the path and with other Palestinian partners who share our values and vision.

No, MIAK it is not a tour operator. Check the list of the tour operators organizing tours on Masar Ibrahim

Yes. Masar Ibrahim is a non-profit organization in Palestine. The organization is endorsed and supported by the Palestine Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

No, MIAK does not associate itself with any political agenda in or outside the region. The organization develops the trail that is a platform for learning more about the people and cultural heritage of Palestine.
The organization respects all religious traditions but does not belong to any religious group or agenda.