Ahlan wa Sahlan.. Welcome!

We welcome you to walk on the footsteps of Ibrahim across the landscape of Palestine, learn about the history and culture of this land, and to share the warmth and hospitality of our people.

The Masar Ibrahim al Khalil (Abraham's Path) runs from the Mediterranean olive groves of the highlands to the silence of the desert, from the winding streets of Jerusalem to the oldest monasteries in the world.

But this is more than just a hiking trail. It is a path that leads deep into the memory and heritage of the Palestinian people, inviting you to discover for yourself the family life of the villages, the proud ways of the Bedouin, and the age-old traditions of hospitality that lie at the heart of Palestinian life.

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Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil and Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies have implemented a trip to the local media last Friday, November 20, 2015 in order for the latter to experience the nature of Masar Ibrahim by themselves and convey their experiences to...
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Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil and Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies had organized a FAM trip to tour operators on the Masar last Friday, November 13th, 2015. The trip took place on the segment between Wadi Al-Qelt to Jericho where 13 people from 6 tour...
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Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil in partnership with the Wildlife Society and the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports in the South have completed a voluntary activity with 55 youth from different youth clubs and unions in the Hebron and Bethlehem areas, last...